His love is like a grenade.

He rips her heart with a spade,

Watching the tears flowing from her eyes like a cascade.

12:08 am

She always wanted you to stay,

But you turned her life from pink to grey.

She never wanted to fray,

But you always decided to play.

She always wanted you to tell her that you’re on your way,

But you went astray.

And when you saw her after decades,

Her body was decayed.


11:11 pm

I search and i ponder

My mind wanders

I stood there waiting

While my body was pulsating

My face was agitating

And my mind was devastating



She used to sit in a corner,
Whenever she was facing some torture.

She used to take sleeping pills,
So she could sleep without any thrill.

She used to feel her scars,
While staring at the stars.

She used to put her hand over her mouth so that nobody could hear her cry,
And hoped that she could die.



She was just like an ember,
Burning and glowing in a dying blaze.

The society made her mind dazed.

Her eyes used to sparkle even in the darkest of nights.
She always thought she needed a spark to ignite.

One day she was blamed as a toxicant,
And everybody forgot deep down she was a precious ornament.

But eventually, a time came and she lost all the hope,
And she knew there were some situations she couldn’t cope.

A moment came she got overdosed,
And the society raised a toast.
Her shiny soul became a ghost,
She rested peacefully in heaven,
And received love utmost.



Let it heal
Don’t let your skin peel
Take a moment and tell God how you feel

Let all your bad thoughts seal
Don’t make drugs your deal
Go out with your friends and eat another meal

Make this moment real
And let yourself heal


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