You touched her with your filthy hands,
And threw her in your drunk sensual land.

She wanted someones aid,
But you told her that prepare to invade and don’t be afraid.

Her body was torn and bruised,
And you felt great with this abuse.

You made her believe that her life was over,
But you couldn’t be more sober.



Saving Grace

I told you not to leave for Gods sake,
But you still give me a heartache.

I told you that we will fix our mistakes,
But you were busy in spreading poison in our lives like snakes.

I told you I will never be a disgrace,
But you never wanted to be my saving grace.

I told you that you will never be replaced,
But you were gone before i could make you stay.



My heart is still sore
My scars are still sore

You closed the door
And i lost the cure

I watched you destroying my home 
And now I’m living with a horror syndrome


2:45 am

I could wait for his response till 24 hours.
His love has given me great power.

All night long I went along with his philosophy,
I will always keep him as my first priority.



You whispered a spell,
And all of my memories were compelled.

You didn’t realize how much I yelled,
Until my heart and mind swelled.



His love is like a grenade.

He rips her heart with a spade,

Watching the tears flowing from her eyes like a cascade.


12:08 am

She always wanted you to stay,

But you turned her life from pink to grey.

She never wanted to fray,

But you always decided to play.

She always wanted you to tell her that you’re on your way,

But you went astray.

And when you saw her after decades,

Her body was decayed.


11:11 pm

I search and i ponder

My mind wanders

I stood there waiting

While my body was pulsating

My face was agitating

And my mind was devastating



She used to sit in a corner,
Whenever she was facing some torture.

She used to take sleeping pills,
So she could sleep without any thrill.

She used to feel her scars,
While staring at the stars.

She used to put her hand over her mouth so that nobody could hear her cry,
And hoped that she could die.


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